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Just for kicks

When the lab coats come off and the day is done, IDT employees embrace their other talents.
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Many of us at IDT wear similar white lab coats, adhere to strict protocols, and strive for consistency. We realize that exactness in the products we deliver is required for our customers to conduct groundbreaking research that may, ultimately, change the world.

Away from work, it tends to be a different story. As our We Are IDT profiles over the past year or so have shown, our team members tend to revel in their uniqueness, artistry and, in some cases, a delightful quirkiness that is applied to talents, hobbies, and pursuits. Unlike, say, our oligo orders, it seems like each of us offers something different, with skills and passions that rival those related to science.

Interested in knowing more about the personalities behind the production line? We invite you to get to know more about some of our most interesting team members. Included in our ranks are:

  • A scientist whose martial arts skills helped him accidentally become a viral video star.
  • A technician whose passion for fixing, rebuilding, restoring and refurbishing has earned him a worldwide audience on YouTube. His projects have included electronics and home repairs, problem-solving, rehabilitation of massive horizontal band saws, and the conversion of a vintage 1953 Chevy into a lowrider.
  • A traffic director whose science background has helped her excel at home brewing. Her unique brews have included recipes such as “High Tea Hibiscus” and “Vanilla Mint-er Warmer.”
  • A training and development specialist who likes to spread optimism, positivity, and good vibes to strangers in her community by painting – and hiding – rocks with uplifting messages.
  • We have several talented musicians on the team, including our manager of environment, a guitarist who has toured with big-name bands, and a customer care advocate whose trumpet skills landed him on the latest recording of a popular swing band.
  • We have talented artists, including another customer care advocate who paints pet portraits to help others deal with the loss of beloved companions. We also have a chemist who is a wildlife photographer with a knack for capturing shots of rare birds and animals.
  • A scientist who has authored a series of young-adult fiction books that have drawn worldwide fans and praise.

You can find that much and more on our blog page — with new blogs every week, there’s always something fresh and interesting to read.


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