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Design PCR and qPCR primers with PrimerQuest™ tool

This short tutorial demonstrates how to quickly design PCR and qPCR primers for multiple sequences using PrimerQuest.

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Covered in this Video:
Skip to 1:20 for a demonstration of the PrimerQuest Tool.
1. Enter your target sequence or NCBI ID # for your Sequence or enter Target sequenceon the provided excel template form.
2. Select the type of assay you want to design (standard PCR or qPCR)
3. Standard PCR vs. qPCR (Standard PCR= 200 - 1,000 bp; qPCR = 75- 150 bp )
4. Choose Your Design/Assay Type: PCR (2 Primers), qPCR (2 Primers + Probe), qPCR (2 Primers Intercalating Dyes)

Tool Tip #1: It designs assays for specificity within the individual targets you provided; it does not account for the entire genome or transcriptome of the organism. The predesigned qPCR tool accounts for the whole genome.
Tool Tip #2: Changing assay type midway through will reset design parameters to default.

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Published on: December 18, 2020