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Frequently asked questions

Our Scientific Applications Support team has assembled a list of frequently asked questions to help you find answers quickly. Filter using one or more categories to focus on specific topics, or use the search bar to perform a text search.

Are methylated UDI-UMI adapters available?

Yes, xGen UDI-UMI Adapters are available methylated as xGen Methyl UDI-UMI Adapters. Bisulfite conversion can be carried out after ligation, but before library amplification.

It is important to note that strand-specific libraries constructed using xGen Methyl UDI-UMI Adapters have the insert strandedness flipped (i.e., to the opposite strand) compared to standard TruSeq™-Compatible Full-length Adapters.This strand flip must be accounted for during data analysis for strand-specific applications, such as Methyl-Seq.

TruSeq is a trademark of Illumina, Inc. and is used with permission.