IDT Align℠ Preferred Sequencing Provider Program

IDT partners with Washington University in St Louis (WashU) to bring you quality data and services for researchers using cutting edge solutions. WashU is a world-class research institute with comprehensive genomics services such as sequencing, bioinformatics, clinical services, and technical development. The sequencing options include whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing, targeted sequencing, and custom panels. Through the McDonnell Genome Institute (MGI), WashU has been a long-standing collaborator with IDT. An early adopter of new sequencing technologies that have influenced genomics researchers, MGI was among our first customers for many products, including Custom NGS Adapters, xGen Blocking Oligos, custom xGen Lockdown Panels, and xGen Exome Research Panel. They have extensively tested these products against competitors.

With multiple sequencing platforms at their disposal, MGI at WashU offers a variety of sequencing services using IDT's products and technologies.

Adapter optionsTarget enrichmentSequencing optionsAnalysis

Illumina - Short-read sequencing

  • Whole genome sequencing
  • Whole exome sequencing
  • Targeted sequencing

Pacific Biosciences - Long-read sequencing

  • Targeted sequencing

Bioinformatics & Genome Analysis

  • Standardized pipelines for analysis
  • Customized analysis

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Since WashU is an expert and leader in genomics services, we have made them our inaugural partner for the IDT Align Preferred Partner Program.

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