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Custom primers

Primer design is key for generating high-quality PCR results. IDT offers a variety of custom primers and easy-to-use primer design tools to help ensure that you generate the primers you need to drive your research forward.


The design and synthesis of a primer pair are important considerations when generating PCR or qPCR data. Poor design choices, erroneous or truncated sequences, and ineffective purification can lead to unusable results. We have designed a suite of online tools to facilitate the intelligent design of your primers. We also help you generate consistent, quality data by providing primers in a variety of formats that have been synthesized on our state-of-the-art oligonucleotide synthesis platforms.

Primer-only qPCR experiments offer a cost- and time-saving approach to qPCR as probe design is not necessary and intercalating dyes are budget-friendly for large-scale experiments. In primer-only qPCR assays, like the PrimeTime qPCR Primer Assays, a DNA polymerase extends from the primers and an intercalating dye attaches to the double-stranded regions creating a fluorescent signal. Because primer-only qPCR experiments can identify amplification products from non-specific targets or primer-dimers, IDT also offers rhPCR primers that have a 3' blocking group that needs to be removed by RNase H2 before amplification. RNase H2 is sensitive to mismatches around the cleavage site, and therefore, reduces the amount of non-specific target or primer-dimer amplification. Additionally, IDT offers probe-based qPCR reagents that reduce the amount of non-specific amplification.

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