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Custom qPCR probes

qPCR probe design and production quality are paramount in creating specific qPCR assays with robust signal-to-noise performance. IDT qPCR probes are HPLC purified to ensure removal of free residual dye and truncated synthesis products that can contribute to high background signal.

Good probe design must balance the need for high affinity with considerations for best signal generation and quenching. We have a variety of options to address even complex design requirements. Generate high quality performance data with PrimeTime® or our other probes by leveraging our state-of-the-art oligonucleotide manufacturing, proprietary quenchers, and choice of license-free dyes.

PrimeTime qPCR Probes »

PrimeTime qPCR Probes are 5′ nuclease probes that include a fluorescent reporter dye and one or two quencher dye(s). Select from a broad catalog of synthesis scales, delivery formats, and reporter dye–quencher combinations. Achieve higher signal-to-noise ratios and effective multiplexing using probes containing proprietary double quenchers (ZEN™ or TAO™ dyes), which currently deliver the lowest background in the industry.

Affinity Plus qPCR Probes »

Use locked nucleic acid (LNA)-containing Affinity Plus qPCR Probes for SNP genotyping, transcript variant identification, and more sensitive target detection in challenging samples (FFPE tissue, biofluids). Several LNA nucleotides are included in these probes where they impart heightened structural stability, leading to increased hybridization melt temperature (Tm).

PrimeTime LNA® qPCR Probes »

PrimeTime LNA qPCR Probes are 5′ nuclease probes that incorporate one or more locked nucleic acids into the sequence design. When incorporated into a probe, these modified nucleotides can improve stability of short probes by increasing Tm to allow better discrimination of single base-pair differences or to address problematic sequence regions.

Molecular beacon probes »

Molecular beacons are dual-labeled probes with self-complimentary ends that form a quenched, hairpin structure in the absence of the target nucleic acid sequence. Signal is generated by linearization of the probe upon binding to the target sequence during PCR cycling. Use molecular beacon probes to detect single-base mismatches and for other applications that require precision.

MGB (minor groove binder) Eclipse® Probes »

(available through our GMP services)

MGB Eclipse Probes are dual-labeled, 5’ nuclease probes incorporating a 5′ conjugated MGB ligand, which stabilizes its complementary sequence duplex, thereby increasing Tm of the probe. Use MGB Eclipse Probes to create shortened probes with high specificity. Pair with primers manufactured under GMP regulations for a complete qPCR assay.

Licensed under MGB Eclipse patents for use by end-users in human IVD applications. For use as a component in the Purchaser's IVD applications only. MGB Eclipse is a registered trademark of ELITech Group.

Other probes manufactured to GMP standards »

Our GMP manufacturing services offer convenient, online ordering of small- to mid-scale synthesis of double-quenched probes and primers for gene expression and genotyping.